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Win International Jackpot Lottery Through The Internet

Powerball Plus is the exact same as Powerball, other than that it provides you a 2nd opportunity to win a reward. When you acquire your Powerball ticket, you can pay an added R2.50 per board to participate in the Powerball Plus draw. The probabilities in the Powerball and also the Powerball Plus attracts are precisely the exact same, although the rewards in the Powerball Plus are a bit reduced. Powerball Plus attracts happen on Tuesdays as well as Fridays at 9 pm – the exact same time as the Powerball draw. Can I Play PowerBall Plus without Playing Powerball? As discussed in the concern over, PowerBall Plus and also Powerball are really the very same video game and also not 2 different video games. How and also Where can I Check the current Powerball Results? The most recent Powerball results can be located at Play Casino on this web page.