Why You Should Play an Australian Lottery

You Should Play an Australian Lottery

Did you know that Australian lotteries are one of the most famous forms of public entertainment anywhere in the world? In fact, lotteries in Australia are played by residents of almost all continents. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is register yourself on one of the online websites and you are in the game. Lottery draws in Australia are announced on TV, Newspapers, and over the Internet. This means people have access to the results as soon as they are revealed.

People from all over the world form cartels in Australian lotteries. A cartel is a group of individuals who come together to form a ‘syndicate’ and by tickets in groups. If anyone of the syndicate members wins a prize, they distribute their winnings equally amongst each other.The question that remains to be answered though is how forming a cartel is better than buying an individual ticket. The answer lies in the fact that cartel increases the number of chances you have to win any of the top prizes in a lottery game.

Playing Australian lottery online

Subscribers to Australian lottery websites gain multiple benefits including auto number generator, payment through multiple ways like credit cards and online transfer, and purchase of tickets without standing in long queues.

Once you have purchased your lottery ticket, you can watch the results as they are announced on the website. If you become the lucky winner of your prize money, you can contact the organizer for your win. There might be a certainprocedure that you may need to follow to gain access to cash. These steps may include showing your ticket, filling out the claim form, and verifying your identity information.

If you are residing outside of Australia and win a lottery prize, then you can ask your concierge service to distribute your winnings accordingly. Concierge services buy a ticket on your behalf and send a certified copy to your email. They charge their clients for keeping track of the lucky draw. Either the facilitator will charge you a specific amount for buying and distributing the prize or they will take a certain percentage out of your winnings.

Famous lotteries in Australia

There are two very famous lotteries in Australia including Tatts Lotto and Oz Lotto. Australian lotteries offer the highest odds of winning a game anywhere in the world. Lotteries are marketed all around the year and on special occasions like New Year and Christmas, almost every single adult in Australia is taking part in one lottery game or the other.

Tatts Lotto and Oz Lotto are played throughout the week, the weekend event that takes place every Saturday is quite famous amongst the local residents. The jackpot prize in this lottery game can go up to $10 million. Participants are required to choose a total of 6 out of a series of 45 numbers. To win the jackpot prize, all six selected numbers must match the lucky draw.

Lucky draw winners hail from all over the country with life-changing stories to tell after winning the game. Here are some stories that tell you about how the lives of normal people change after winning the lottery:

The guy who followed his fathers advise

A young guy from western Sydney came out as a winner of weekly power ball lottery in Australia. When asked how he selected the lucky numbers on his ticket, the guy stated that he used the same numbers his father used when he was alive. The father of Australian $8 million lottery winner died nearly three years ago.

One of his last wishes for his son was to keep playing the lottery in the hope to win the jackpot prize. For three years the young man from Sydney was trying to fulfill his father’s dream. The efforts finally paidoff with his win. The winner told press reporters that he would use his newly acquired wealth to help his family members in regaining their financial strength.

Western Sydney Syndicate

Twelve individuals who used to work in a local laboratory in Sydney decided to form a ‘cartel’ and buy a group ticket for themselves in one of the famous lotteries in Australia. The syndicate was fortunate enough to win a jackpot prize of $40 million. Eventually, the sum was distributed among all members, with each one getting $1.5 million.

The winners decided not to quit their jobs as they love working with each other. One of the best parts of forming a lottery syndicate is that these friendships usually last for a lifetime. After winning the lottery, the laboratory workers decided to payoff their debts and buy useful items such as a new car and a brand-new home for themselves. The interesting part of this lottery win is that some of the syndicate members were on holidays when the result was announced. Imagine the surprise the got after returning back from their vacation!

 You Should Play an Australian Lottery

Miraculous Lottery winner

Bill Morgan was a truck driver who used to sleep in his travel trailer before winning a quarter of a million-dollar prize in a lottery. While being on the road one day, Bill met with a grave car accident. When doctors were trying to save his life, an antibiotic drug triggered a severe allergic reaction in his body. As a result, Bill went into a coma for nearly 12 days.

During this time, doctors thought they had no choice but to remove him from the ventilator. However, one fine day, he woke up again with no sign of brain injuries. Bill thought he was the luckiest man alive and tested his fortune by purchasing a lottery ticket. To his amazement, he won a $17,000 prize in the lottery.

In one of his interviews, Bill was asked to scratch another ticket, just for the camera. This ticket won him another quarter of a million dollars. Talk about pure luck!

Lotteries are one of the oldest forms of public entertainment that have existed for hundreds of years. People who take part in a lottery game do so not just to win prizes but also to enjoy the game with friends and family. The tricky part comes when a person wins a lottery and has no idea what to do with his or her winnings. Therefore, it is always better to have a game plan in mind about how you will spend the prize money in case you win the jackpot!


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