Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain’s co-founder Micree Zhan, that was suddenly ousted by the company a week, said he is likely to take lawful actions to secure his return. In a letter published in his WeChat feed Wednesday, Zhan openly addressed what he described without consent for the very first time as a coup. Last week Jihan Wu forbade employees, and told Bitmain employees in an email that it was sudden that Zhan was dismissed from all his characters. We disclosed that an awful power struggle between him Zhan during the all-hands meeting on Tuesday of Bitmain following the email to the team. Zhan did not immediately issue any statement or react including CoinDesk, from multiple media outlets.

But in the announcement of Wednesday, Zhan said that he had been ousted in the company without any approval or knowledge, ” he intends to solve the problem through legal procedures. Bitmain will be taken by him on in court if needed. “I have not believed as an individual focusing on product and technology, I need to begin thinking from legal viewpoints. “Bitmain is the son or daughter. I’ll fight till the end with weapons that are legal for her. I will not permit people who wish to scheme against Bitmain to triumph. If a person needs a war, then we’ll give them you,” he explained. For more browse this site

Micree Zhan Says He'll Take Legal Action To Return To Bitmain

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