Who Are the Greatest Quarterbacks at Miami Dolphins History? In the 1970sthe Miami Dolphins were among the very successful sports franchises from the USA, and a lot of the success could be credited to the Hall of Fame quarterback at the helm of this crime. The franchise remained one of the National Football League teams throughout most of the 1980s and 1990s, as yet a second Hall of Famer assembled a legacy as the most prolific passer in the history of the sport. Through unforgettable postseason runs, the Dolphins were led by several quarterbacks From the seasons at which the crime wasn’t being guided by one of these two. And while there’s been a lack of consistent play in the place over the last two years, the Dolphins are searching for a party franchise quarterback to direct them into some other stretch of succeeding.

In the last twenty seasons Miami won just 1 postseason game shuffling through 21 quarterbacks and has been to the playoffs 4 times. A listing of the five Dolphins quarterbacks of all time follows, such as a couple of candidates in conclusion. The Free NFL Picks played with the Dolphins are factored into this record, so while Bernie Kosar is a choice candidate to get a list his 2 begins, regarding the Cleveland Browns and 987 yards with the Dolphins won’t make the cut . So without further ado, let us count the top five quarterbacks at Miami Dolphins’ background, and don’t hesitate to chime in with your thoughts on such selections.

Miami Dolphins Quarterbacks Of All-Time

As a member some intimidating circumstances when he came to the Miami Dolphins were confronted by Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill appeared as he had been up to this job at his rookie season. After a dismal showing in his introduction, he threw for a franchise rookie record 431 yards against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4 and then won his next start. By the end, he sat for passing attempts, yards, and completions. The following year, his offensive line struggled, letting him have sacked a league-high 58 days, but he helped the Dolphins finish at .500. Miami ended at .500 in 2014, however Tannehill demonstrated expansion.