With blackjack being a game of skills and strategies, you have to be good with the planning part to get the better of the house and realize your dream of a big payday consistently.

Blackjack is your entryway to high-intensity entertainment and big money. Had this not been the case, blackjack would never have acquired an iconic status in betting markets and betting folklores across the world. Blackjack is probably the only casino game that allows the bettor to decide what to do, when to do and how to do. Simply put, the bettor is at liberty to split cards, ask for insurance, raise the stakes twice over, even the money, hit or stand at his/her will. The whole idea is to get closer to, but not over, the figure of 21 without busting. This card game is more about skills than luck, making it an antithesis of all casino games.

Like any casino game, blackjack is governed by a certain set of rules to which the wager has to comply with at all times. Even when it comes to strategy, the bettor has to play by the rules or the house is free to evict him/her from its premises on account of cheating. Take, for example, card counting.

What is card counting?

Card counting is an advanced blackjack strategy that tilts the scale in your favor when you play blackjack online or offline. Here, you have to keep track of the cards that have been dealt to predict the next cards and call the shots accordingly. Suppose low-value cards are dealt, and the deck has a high density of high-value cards, you have an advantage over the dealer, which can be redeemed by increasing your stakes in the next bet. However, if it’s vice-versa, the house has an edge, and it’s in your interest to be miserly with the subsequent bet.

How to count cards?

Card Counting – Advanced Blackjack Strategy

Card Counting has several subtleties to it, making it a difficult proposition to gain proficiency in, especially for a starter. A methodical approach is a way to go, as you cannot expect overnight results. Start by learning basic and intermediate blackjack strategies and then graduate into card counting. And when you do so, adopt the below mentioned four steps for maximum gains.

Step 1: Give cards a specific value to simplify the count. Preferably, assign a value of (+1) to cards ranked between 2 and 6 and a value of (–1) to cards ranked between 10 and A.

Step 2: Now, keep a count of the values of the dealt cards as the game progresses. Remember, this is an ongoing process requiring high concentration levels. Any laxity can derail the card count, leaving you vulnerable to faulty decisions.

Step 3: Capitalize on the info to work out the count per deck. The count thus gained is called as the True Count.

Step 4: Alter your wagers gradually when the true count takes an upward course.

Remember, the casinos are particularly harsh on card counters because they perceive them as imposters who employ “unethical” means to get undue advantage. Casinos have invested in state-of-the-art technology and vigilant workforce to identify card counters and deter their entry. Thankfully, card counting is not possible with online casinos.