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Witnessing the numerous atrocities Igorots combine the war against the Japanese and have been kind to the infantry battalion of the operating for a resistance force from the Cordilleras. There was A War Department communique reported by Time magazine during the past days prior to the fall of Bataan in the Philippines. Hampered from the undergrowth and dropped in the perplexing maze of pine thickets,vines and creepers, the tankers could have been had it not been for the assistance of the BuktiQQ soldiers of the 2nd Battalion infantry. Hoisted into the peak of the tanks while guiding the motorists The Igorots chopped away the foliage with their bolos and functioned as eyes to the tank team.

Many distressed acts of heroism and courage have fallen under my observation in many regions of the world in several fields of struggle. I’ve observed forlorn hopes turned into realities. I’ve observed innumerable acts and last-ditch racks of heroism that defy description. I haven’t understood these Igorots’ equal riding those tanks. Submit a CommentYou Must Sign into CommentTo comment on this guide, you have to register or register and post employing a HubPages Network account. It’s been a while since I upgraded my own hubs. Thanks for sharing your own research into the subject and the Igorot people’s proud legacy. Igorot background, as an immediate grandson of this grand chief (pangulo) of this the Igorots allow me to add to the content by the head-hunters side.